How to run this program:

1. Extract LinuxIR to USB flash drive.
2. This program writes to the Evidence directory.
3. Run this program from the PWD of LINUXIR command.
4. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ROOT! If all possible. ex. Sudo or Sudo su.


How to run ./linuxir.
*****Make a directory to mount your trusted tools if not using Automount.
mkdir /mnt/LINUXIR

*****Find where your trusted tool USB disk was mounted.
fdisk -l <============Look for your USB disk.

*****Mount your trusted tools to that direcory.
mount -n /dev/sdb1 /mnt/linuxir <============Note your USB disk.
cd /mnt/linuxir
sudo ./linuxir
umount /mnt/linuxir <============After your finished to avoid errors.

Your evidence should be located in /evidence/.


**Note in Future Versions:
/mnt/linuxir/sbin/bash **Can include trusted bash shell.
export PATH=/mnt/linuxir/ ** include trusted binaries.
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/linuxir **Can include trusted libraries.


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